Windshield Law in Alberta

The Province of Alberta’s Traffic Safety Act, Vehicle Equipment Regulation (122/2009 with amendments up to and including Alberta Regulation 49/2018) explains windshield law in Alberta.

It starts off by noting that unless you drive a motorcycle or a moped, your vehicle must have a windshield. While you may have seen some people making do with clear plastic sheets and duct tape, that is illegal and dangerous. Property manufactured auto glass is the best way to stay safe on the road – for you and other drivers.

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A nice Clear windshield is Safety

What Else does Windshield Law in Alberta Cover?

The Act prohibits covering the front or front side windows. That means, no tinted windows. The vehicle owner must also never coat the glass or install anything that reflects the lights of other vehicles into the eyes of oncoming drivers. Ditto for any material that reflects sunlight in such a way that compromises other drivers’ vision.

Stickers are okay to use, as long as they don’t limit the driver’s field of vision in any way. So, those cute family stick figures you seen on back windows everywhere are great, as long as they are tucked below the sight line.

We Take Windshield Law in Alberta Very Seriously

Here at Crackmasters (Edmonton West End), we take Alberta windshield law seriously because we know the regulations are there for the safety of all drivers. We never cut corners, use products that could impede your vision, or install glass that has a history or shattering. Our temperature controlled shop ensures proper curing for windshield replacements and repairs. We offer great products and great prices with outstanding customer service. Visit us online or in store today to learn more.


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