In defense of practical gifts!

With another holiday season upon us, many are asking friends and family members about their wish list, but gasping in “horror” when a practical gift is mentioned. It may not be as fun to shop for a box grater or jumper cables instead of the latest gadget, but these practical gifts, if asked for, are truly appreciated.

Sometimes you’ll hear, “don’t get me anything,” but you really want to surprise them on the 25th. The “no-gift-please” person is a good candidate for practical gifts because they appreciate items that are not frivolous, but make their life easier.

We have a practical gift idea…

What can you get an Edmonton vehicle owner for Christmas? A gift certificate from Crackmasters (Edmonton West End)! Your friend or family member is like so many of us – knowing they must fix their cracked windshield but putting it off due to budget constraints or being too busy. This is why a gift certificate from Crackmasters (Edmonton West End) is always appreciated. It lets the receiver know you care about their safety on the road, and that you are observant about the small chores in their life that could use a helping hand.

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Visit us today for all your windshield repair and replacement needs, and to pick up a gift certificate for the practical person on your gift list. We look forward to helping you with your gift giving by providing an unexpected yet very welcome gift idea.

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