Your Windshield on Vacation

Warmer weather is finally here and for many Edmonton drivers, that means leaving the city behind and going on vacation. Whether you enjoy weekend jaunts in the countryside, road trips to the lake for fishing, or flying out of the country, you should take steps to avoid windshield cracks and chips.


  • Avoid Windshield Chips by Knowing Where You’re Going


We get spoiled by Edmonton’s nice paved roads. If you are heading to a lake or campsite, you’ll probably be taking some gravel or dirt roads. Before your road trip, use Google maps or other online information sites so you know ahead of time if you’ll be travelling on gravel. On gravel and dirt roads, avoid windshield chips by slowing down, and staying back from trailing large vehicles and campers. Trucks with dual back wheels or vehicles pulling trailers have more tires on the road so there is more potential for flying rocks and stones. Small vehicles have smaller wheels so, their tires are spinning faster – all cars and trucks are hazards….


  • Avoid Windshield Chips on the Open Road


The summer road trip is a family staple. Remember, the open highway is where big rigs travel too, and they are notorious for kicking a rock into your windshield. Avoid windshield chips by staying back from rigs, campers, and large vehicles. Pass only when you can cleanly and clearly pass and remain ahead of the larger vehicle. If you do get a chip or crack, secure it as best as you can. Assess if you need an immediate fix (the answer is yes if your sight lines are compromised or if the glass has cracked through) or if you will take the car to Crackmasters (Edmonton – West End) when you return.


  • Bonus Tip: Your Car at the Airport


You don’t have to worry about avoiding windshield chips when you are parked in the airport’s lot, but consider covering your windshield with a reflector. Not only does this ensure a bit more privacy and discourage prying eyes, it will help keep your car much cooler, so you can enjoy a comfortable ride home.

Enjoy Your Vacation

This summer enjoy your time out of the city. You can’t always avoid windshield chips, but you can greatly reduce your risk. If you do get a windshield chip or crack, come to Crackmasters (Edmonton – West End) and we’ll make it right.



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See clearly on your vacation and safe travels


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