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Edmonton Auto Glass Repair

Our Repairs are Stronger than the Competitions!

Others “repair” auto glass by attempting to stop cracks from spreading or filling cracks with resin that simply isn't strong enough to hold in an accident; both techniques can put you at risk.

Repairing damaged auto glass can save you money, but if the repair doesn't keep you safe it’s not worth it.

Our patented technology makes a Crackmaster auto glass repair the strongest part of your windshield! Crackmasters can repair auto glass damage ranging from chips to long cracks up to 20 inches in length.

Edmonton Windshield Replacement

Lifetime Warranty and Free Rock Chip Repairs!*

If we can’t fix it, nobody can! But some auto glass damage can’t be safely repaired. Fortunately, the quality of our auto glass replacement is unmatched.

Unlike other auto glass repair and replacement companies, our certified technicians use the full-cut method to remove the old adhesive, ensuring the strongest bond and the best seal on the replacement windshield. Plus, we use only high-quality, OE replacement auto glass – low-quality auto glass can pose the same risks as an improper repair – and we still offer industry-leading prices and value.

*90-day free rock chip repair with all installs and lifetime warranty on glass defects and faulty install.
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We are Here to Help

Your vehicle's side door glass is less susceptible to rock chips and cracks than your windshield, but unfortunately, when side door glass is damaged, repair isn't usually an option.

Fortunately, Crackmasters Southwest specializes in all kinds of auto glass replacement, including: window and side door glass replacement, windshield replacement, side mirror glass replacemen, rear window glass replacement and quarter glass replacement.

Ready to get started? Contact us today for a quote!

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Caring for your windshield in Edmonton this Summer

Caring for Your Auto Glass in the Spring and Summer

Numerous warnings exist about windshield care in the winter. The cold season is when your windshield is more likely to crack, right?  Not necessarily! Windshield care during the warmer months is important too. Edmonton roads get rocks and debris for work sites, side roads […]

What to do in Edmonton if your Windshield is Damaged

What to do in Edmonton if your Windshield is Damaged

When driving in Edmonton; it’s a terrible feeling when, seeing a rock flying at you, and then whack! You’ve got a big rock chip in your windshield. Depending on the severity of the damage, there are some things you should […]

Windshield Glass on your dash

Windshield Glass on your dashboard is bad

If you have Windshield Glass on your dashboard then, come get it replaced as soon as possible. Windshield glass has two layers with a laminate sandwiched between. When the outer layer breaks it can be repaired – if it is not too severe. The inner lay cannot be repaired. If […]

Crackmasters Alberta Award Winning Windshield Repair Service

Our Good News!

Crackmasters 105 Ave (Edmonton West End Windshield shop) is thrilled that our Crackmasters Canada group has won a 2018 Consumer Choice Award for auto glass repair/replacement. This marks Crackmasters’ 15th consecutive win, and the honour is extended to every […]

Strange Windshield Hazards

Strange Windshield Hazards

Edmonton drivers are familiar with rocks that gravel that chip their auto glass, but what other windshield hazards do drivers have to watch out for?

Car Parts: Cars are designed with safety in mind, but sometimes things come loose and airborne. Tires, mufflers, even sunroofs and bumpers have been […]

A Letter from Your Windshield

A Letter from Your Windshield:

Hey, This is your windshield and we need to talk. “Lately I’ve been feeling a little… neglected.”

Remember when you were at the car wash last week? The exterior of your car was lovingly washed in nice warm water and got a good scrub down until not a spec […]

Edmonton Windshield Repair Donations

Hello Edmonton Windshield! I wanted to give you a bit of an update on how your how your Edmonton Windshield Repair donation program last year made a difference in the lives of our clients. Crackmasters 105 Ave gift went towards supporting two different Meals on Wheels channels: […]

Three Windshield Items You Shouldn’t Buy on-Line

Three Windshield Items You Shouldn’t Buy on-Line

Edmonton Quality Windshield Crack and Chip Repair

Ah on line shopping…. Thanks to low cost retail behemoths with millions of products from all over the world, every day can feel like Christmas. Having an endless choice of goods, however, can work against you. Just because you can buy something […]

Quality Products Retain Value in your Vehicle

A great way to retain value in your vehicle is proper repair. Don’t shortcut on breaks, oil and other replaceable products. Quality work, staff tools and products will preserve your car better. Delaying maintenance or substituting for budget items can erode value and or lead to more […]

Not All Glass is Equal

Not All Glass is Equal; quality glass is stronger and more repairable. With icy, snowy roads rock chips add grip. Rocks fall off vehicles and are transported from construction sites and side roads. Debris can strike your glass in any season. Extreme temperatures can result in more damage. On a cold Edmonton night with the […]