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Your windshield may have a crack, but it remains intact. a vehicles windshield is composed of three layers. The middle plastic (or laminate) layer is sandwiched in to keep the outer glass layers in place in the event of an collision or damage. The windshield stays where it belongs, but this does not mean that you can avoid the need for a Crackmasters Edmonton West end windshield repair or replacement.  There are determining factors that you need to consider.

The Magnitude of the Damage, Chips vs Cracks

Unfortunately, you cannot always benefit from Crackmasters auto glass repair. sometimes, you have no choice but to have the windshield replaced. How can you asses the need for repair or replacement?

A chip that is smaller than a Loonie and a crack that is a maximum sixteen inches long can be repaired. However Crackmasters can sometimes repair cracks that are as long as 20 inches.  If the Crack is straight and not cutting through the divers line-of-sight or touching two edges then, the crack is more repairable.

The character of Damage

Whether or not damage can be repaired also depends on the type of chips in your windshield. For example, the following types of cracks are repairable by Crackmasters:

auto glass repair
Sample Windshield Chips

Bullseye, Star, Combination and Batwing chips can all be repaired.  Spread of the damage and size of the central impact zone determine the time but most can be repaired in about 20 minutes.  The sooner you come and get the repair done the better. Chips are essentially spaces in the glass that can retain water and dirt. If dirt gets in then, the resins may have more difficulty. If water gets in then, it may freeze then, expand and turn a chip into a crack.  Windshield washer fluid has dyes that can make the chip repair impossible to disappear. Damage to windshields never completely disappear because there will always be edges where the glass damage is.  Crackmasters resins will penetrate the damaged area and restore its strength and keep both moisture and dirt out.

A a basic rule, if the chip can be covered by a Loonie the, Crackmasters can repair them. Crackmasters suggest windshields that have several cracks may need to be replaced.

The Positioning of  Windshield Damage

The chip or crack location needs to be assessed too. As mentioned above, after a crack has been repaired, you will be able to see the remnants of it. Therefore, if it is in your direct line-of-sight, you will not be able to see as properly. A crack that is outside of your line-of-sight may be able to be repaired. Cracks weaken the windshield’s bond to the surrounding metal frame and endanger the occupants of the vehicle due to the compromised integrity of the glass. Crackmasters resins restore the windshields integrity and restore the safety of your vehicle.

auto glass repair
Chips close the the edge are often the most damaging

Cracks or windshield damage is not reparable when:

• The damage is on the inside glass of the windshield (Glass-on-the-dash means replacement)
• The damage is to both layers of the windshield
• Windshield radio antenna or rain sensors or heating elements is also damaged
• The cracks have been contaminated (have your windshield repaired immediately)

Have Your Windshield Assessed at Crackmasters,

If we can’t Repair It Nobody Can

If you have a windshield crack or a chip in your windshield then, have it evaluated at Crackmasters. At Crackmasters we have the best tools and resins in the industry. Heat or cold and wind and moisture can cause additional damage to a windshield. Have Crackmasters look at it asap and  we suggest you cover the chip or crack with tape until you can come in.

If Crackmasters determines that the windshield can be repaired, this work should not take more than 40 minutes and often just 20 minutes. A replacement, on the other hand, will require ~2 hours with your vehicle.

Remember that you must have a Crackmasters assessment done as soon as possible because a crack can grow quickly. It may be impossible to have it repaired if it grows longer than 20 inches or starts to turn or split. A chip in your windshield gathers debris and dye and moisture often causing further damage. Old chips/cracks repair may not be possible or the results may be less than desirable leaving you no option but a replacement.

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