Crackmasters Edmonton West end donates to Meals on Wheels for every windshield repaired we donated money to help clients get a healty meal. our donation will go towards is supporting Meals on Wheels meal subsidy program. This program is for low-income and homebound clients. Crackmasters Windshield Repair donation gives Clients access to Meals on Wheels meals and services. The subsidized rate saves them $3 per day – so Crackmasters Edmonton West end’s donation is helping over 216 low income seniors receive a healthy, home cooked meal delivered straight to their door. While $3 doesn’t seem like a whole lot, They haven not raised the prices of hot meals since the mid 90’s. Depending on what size meal the client is getting, the subsidized rate can be as low as $6.50. This includes a soup, entrée, dessert, juice or fruit and salad or yogurt.

As a family business we chose Meals on Wheels because it helps a wide range of people in the Edmonton area. It is hard to assist everyone but doing a little to help many is our goal. I hope everyone is doing their part to make our community better for neighbours. Everyone needs a good meal and getting it delivered in the winter months is much more important.



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Crackmasters donates money from windshield repair to Meals on Wheels Edmonton

Edmonton Windshield repair

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