Rocks and road debris are the most common cause of a broken windshield in Edmonton, but they are not the only cause!

When you have a broken windshield in Edmonton, a rock or gravel is the likely culprit, but sometimes the strangest things hit your glass and cause damage. Here are some of the most surprising items to hit a windshield.

A Pumpkin

After a pumpkin fell from an overpass, a truck driver got a very unpleasant surprise. The pumpkin smashed through the windshield and landed in his lap. Driver Dennis Kalista was not hurt, but was also not impressed in the least. In addition to the fact that he could have been killed, his truck – and livelihood – were out of commission until the damage was repaired.

A Headstone

The pumpkin could have fallen off a truck and been an accident, but a headstone that sailed off an overpass in Oklahoma was a prank that went very wrong. The headstone went through the windshield of Gerald Webb’s truck, causing him critical injuries.


When a semi-truck driver lost control and hit the median at a high speed, it churned up and flung mud so hard, it shattered another semi’s windshield. The driver was ultimately okay, but was splattered in mud, scratched up and needed a few glass shard removed from his head.


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