I have a nice truck that I drive everywhere, It has features that I do not know… the most common features on a windshield are rain sensors and humidity sensors. They work so well or are turned off that many drivers don’t know they’re there.

A rain sensor is a moisture detection sensor – detects if there is a layer of water on the windshield. If a water layer is sensed then, the wipers turn on, up and off when the water is wiped off. Often rain sensors are within the plastic casing around the rear view mirror but, can be seen from outside. The black painted area on the perimeter of your windshield is called ‘the frit’. If you look at the frit area around your rear view mirror then, look for a clear Loonie size dark/clear glass (sometimes appears wet) area – that is your rain sensor (see photo)

A humidity sensor detects moisture in the air and regulates fresh air intake. As moisture in the air changes the humidity sensor adjusts the air so, your windshield does not fog up. this is typically a ‘Black Box’ on the passenger side of the rear view mirror (see photo). the size and location can vary with manufacturer – often they are within the plastic casing around the rear view mirror .

Edmonton Windshield options - Humidity and rain sensors
Ram Pickup with a Humidity Sensor and Rain Sensor

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