Why Does my Windshield Repair Need to be “Cured?”

In previous blogs, you have heard us talk about curing resin in the windshield, and how an outdoor crack repair booth in a parking lot is not the best place for this. What is curing and why does my windshield need to be cured?

Curing is Caring

Cracks and chips in your windshield are filled with resin. The resin must dry and harden without shrinking. This is called curing. If the resin is not properly cured, the repair will fail. A failed repair means the crack or chip will spread, leading to compromised vision or – in the worst case – a complete windshield replacement.

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What’s the Cure?

The reason we say to avoid outdoor crack and chip repairs is because natural UV light (the sun) will prematurely harden resin. In a shop with an experienced technician, the expert will measure the temperature of the resin and the temperature of the windshield, and then adjust the amount and intensity of UV light the repair receives. This enables the resin to cure properly. The curing process is not possible without a proper curing light.

Visit us to have your Windshield Cured

Pardon the pun, but here at Crackmasters (Edmonton West End), we have the “cure” for your cracked or chipped windshield. We have a temperature controlled shop, trained technicians, and the proper equipment to give you a proper repair that lasts – guaranteed.

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