What to do in Edmonton if your Windshield is Damaged

When driving in Edmonton; it’s a terrible feeling when, seeing a rock flying at you, and then whack! You’ve got a big rock chip in your windshield. Depending on the severity of the damage, there are some things you should do right away.

A Big Rock Chip That Obstructs Your Vision

First of all, stay calm. A sudden big rock chip that obstructs your vision is rattling, but you have to make sure you get to a safe place off the road. You should still have enough visibility to get on the shoulder, or to a parking lot. Never drive with your view obstructed – arrange for the vehicle to be taken to an Edmonton windshield repair shop right away.

A Big Rock Chip off to the Side

If your vision is not obstructed and the glass is not cracked through, make plans to get to a glass repair shop later in the day. You can still get to work or your destination. Be careful, though. Sudden temperature changes can force the chip to turn into a long crack. If the crack hits the side of your windshield, you’ll need a full replacement. Keep the chip clean and dry. A bit of clear tape can do the trick for a couple hours.

A Big Rock Chip that Spiderwebs the Glass

Sometimes the rock doesn’t create a chip. It creates a spiderweb pattern that deeply impacts the glass. Even if the area is localized, this is bad news. Your windshield is made up of safety glass, which is why it spiderwebs and does not shatter completely. That spiderweb, however, means the glass is severely compromised. You’ll need a fix or replacement right away to prevent the glass from cracking further, or seeing chips of glass come off as you drive.

Don’t Put off Repairs When you get a Big Rock Chip

As annoying and inconvenient as it is, you should always take care of a big rock chip as soon as possible. A large chip can impair your driving, and a small chip can turn into a full windshield replacement if left unattended. Come on down to Crackmasters 105 Ave (Edmonton West End) for award-winning rock chip repair service.

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