A Letter from Your Windshield:

Hey, This is your windshield and we need to talk. “Lately I’ve been feeling a little… neglected.”

Remember when you were at the car wash last week? The exterior of your car was lovingly washed in nice warm water and got a good scrub down until not a spec of road salt remained. Then, you took a soft cloth and a surface protector to the inside, getting rid of that spilled coffee and eradicating the dust. Looks pretty good in there.

But what about me? It’s obvious you love your car, but this crack I’ve got going on just above your line of vision? Well, I can’t hold back its spiny little tendrils much longer. It’s cold then, warm/wet the, dry out here and when you blast the heat/AC, this windshield chip wants to split off in every direction. Right now it’s just a matter of going to Crackmasters 105 Ave (in Edmonton’s West End) for a quick and affordable repair in their temperature-controlled shop. Phil’s a good guy – he and his staff are fully trained. They’ll fix me up nicely.

Edmonton Windshield

But if you don’t take care of this windshield chip soon, you’re going to be speaking to Crackmasters 105 Ave (in Edmonton’s West End) about a whole new windshield. Once those tendrils hit the edge of the glass, it’s game over for me, my friend.

I know you want to do the right thing. Head over to Crackmasters 105 Ave (in Edmonton’s West End) today and show me the love you show the rest of your car. I take care of you, so please take care of me. They want to be the best Edmonton Windshield shop.


Your cracked and chipped windshield


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