Did you know when we repair your vehicle’s windshield YOU help Meals on Wheels meal subsidy program? Yes, not only do you get the best Edmonton windshield repair you also help others in Edmonton.

Another way Crackmasters helped Meals on Wheels was, we donated our services and two windshields and installed glass on two donation vans. These vans take food to the remote depots. There is a Meals on Wheels depot on Candy Cane Lane. Transporting prepared meals to West Edmonton help volunteers. Volunteers can meet at the depot then, start their routs closer to the clients – allowing for a more efficient meal delivery to clients. Delivery vans to the depots hep volunteers keep their commitments by keeping access to their routes shorter. New windshields will keep volunteers safe behind the wheel too!

Edmonton Windshield repair
Windshield repair Edmonton

April 21, 1969 is when Edmonton Meals on Wheels carried out their first delivery. While a LOT has changed over the last half century, our goal has remained the same: provided nutritious meals and related services, to help our homebound, isolated, and senior neighbours stay independent and in their own homes. This goal simply wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity of amazing donors like Crackmasters 105 Ave. THANK YOU for supporting our clients and our cause, to help ensure that we can continue to provide service to those who most need it.

While Meals on Wheels has been around for 50 years, we do not see the need for our services to go away. In fact, our client numbers continue to grow, specifically those requiring extra assistance through our meal subsidy programs. While Meals on Wheels haven’t raised the price of Daily Meal service since 1995, we still have 60% of clients needed to access the subsidized rate. With the rising cost of food, and the increase in clients who need help to afford our service, we are extra thankful for you, Phil. Without donations, Meals on Wheels simply wouldn’t be able to provide meals to all the low-income clients.

Edmonton Windshield Repairs Support Meals on Wheels

Crackmasters 105 Ave Edmonton’s donation has gone directly to support the meal subsidy program, and in turn, those who rely on the subsidized rates. Thank you for the generosity and thank you for sharing in Meals on Wheels 50th anniversary milestone!

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