Edmonton Winter Windshield Cracks: How to Avoid Them

The cold weather is here! It’s time to leave your heaters on full blast when you warm up your car so it’s nice and toasty when you get in, right? No! Blasting heat in a cold car is one of the many ways to crack your windshield. Here are some tips on how to avoid Edmonton winter windshield cracks and get your auto glass through the cold season in one piece.

Don’t Defrost with Water

A sure-fire way to create an unnecessary winter windshield cracks is to pour hot water on your windshield. This quick-defrost method immediately causes the glass to expand, and then contract again as it cools off. The hot water defrost method is unnecessary and dangerous. Avoid it all costs.

Don’t Blast the Heat

Most winter windshield cracks are due to rapid heating inside the car. As tempting as it is to run the heaters at full tilt to warm up your car, especially if you didn’t have time to start it before you hopped in for your commute, it’s best to start on a low setting and gradually turn up the heat.

Don’t Get too Close

During winter, your auto glass is more fragile. Avoid driving closely behind large vehicles that can kick up rocks, and stay back from gravel and sanding trucks. Those bouncing rocks can chip your windshield at the best of times; in the winter, they can cause much more damage when they hit the glass.

Do Take the Time to Defrost

The best way to avoid winter windshield cracks is to set your air on defrost. Get up a few minutes earlier to start the defrosting process and start on a low setting. This should take the chill out of your car by the time you get into it as well. While it may not be as warm as you’d like start with, you can gradually increase the heat during your commute.

Edmonton Windshield Crack repair

Edmonton Winter Windshield Cracks: How to Avoid Them

Bonus Tip!

Ensure that you have the appropriate windshield washer fluid in your car – the summer fluids are not rated for freezing temperatures.

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