Winter is here… windshield maintenance is important

Forget your preoccupation with Game of Thrones’ “winter;” here in Edmonton we are much more preoccupied with our own! As it always does here in the Capital City, the weather turned on a dime (betrayal!). Snow is in the forecast (in September!) and heaters are blasting on the morning commute.

So, it’s the perfect time to be reminded about pre-winter windshield maintenance.

What is pre-winter windshield maintenance?

In the same way you winterize your yard, RV, or motorcycle, you should winterize your windshield. Pre-winter windshield maintenance means checking it over for chips, cracks, dings, stars – all the damage you got over the summer.

Winter is here Edmonton… windshield maintenance is important

If you didn’t have those chips and cracks filled when they happened during the summer, you are at a much greater risk of the damage turning into a bigger, more expensive repair. As the weather turns colder, the instinct is to hit the heat as soon as you are in your car. Your cold, contracted windshield rapidly expands with the heat, turning small cracks into long ones and stars into spiderwebs.

Additional pre-winter windshield maintenance

The cooler weather is also a reminder to stock up on washer fluid that is rated for winter. Summer washer fluid can freeze, causing internal damage to your car (and leaving you with a dirty windshield after all that hassle). Use up or drain the summer fluid and put in winter washer fluid. Carry a spare jug in your trunk because you don’t want to get caught on a slushy, icy road with a windshield you can’t clean.

Crackmasters (Edmonton West End) is here to help

Make taking care of your windshield part of your pre-winter vehicle routine. When it’s time to put on those snow tires, it’s also time to have the cracks and chips in your windshield filled. Contact us today to learn more.

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