Use these tips to reduce the chances of windshield cracks or chips in Edmonton, but visit Crackmasters 105 Ave (Edmonton West End) when the inevitable happens.

An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure, as the saying goes! Here are some tips on how to avoid windshield cracks and chips in Edmonton.


  • Stay back from big trucks


In Edmonton we are very fortunate to have the Yellowhead, the Whitemud and the Anthony Henday, but these major commuter routes are favoured by semi tractors and other large vehicles that frequently take gravel and unpaved access roads. Sometimes these large trucks are transporting soil, gravel or loose loads. It’s common for gravel that has been trapped in their tire treads, or small bits of debris from their load, to dislodge and damage your windshield. To avoid windshield cracks or chips in Edmonton while on these major highways, stay at least six car lengths back from large trucks, and only pass them when you have enough room to safety clear the vehicle.

Windshield chips

Windshield Cracks


  • Slow down on gravel


Gravel or unpaved roads can wreak havoc on your windshield, but if you slow down, avoid sharp and sudden direction changes and increase your following distance from the cars in front of you, you increase your chances of avoiding a cracked or chipped windshield in Edmonton.


  • Secure your load


Summer is the time to enjoy all those yard sales, clean out your basement and haul garbage to the dump. Don’t be the person that causes another driver’s windshield to crack or chip! Secure your load properly, even if you are just travelling a short distance. Use tarps to cover loose items in the back of your truck. If you are hauling aggregates for landscaping projects, consider using a delivery service instead.

You can avoid some windshield cracks and chips in Edmonton by taking a few precautions, but windshield damage is inevitable. At some point, even with the best planning, you will experience a crack, chip or a fully broken windshield. When that happens, come right to Crackmasters 105 Ave (Edmonton West End) where we have the products, service (with a smile!) and experience to safely repair your windshield and get you back on the road.