How to get the Best Windshield Service in Edmonton

Who likes to waste time and money? Nobody, especially the crew at Crackmasters 105 Ave in Edmonton’s West End! The problem with cracks or chips in your windshield is that you need a fast, affordable repair so you can get on with your day. You need the best windshield service in Edmonton to get an efficient, lasting repair and to get the full value of your dollars, and that is exactly what Crackmasters gives you.

Here’s how Crackmasters Edmonton West End gives you the best windshield service in Edmonton:

  1. We are professionals.

    Going to the parking-lot repair guy, or buying a do-it-yourself kit, costs you more time and money in the end (not to mention it can void your insurance or warranty). At Crackmasters we use industry leading procedures and products to give you the service you truly deserve.


  • We carry the safest type of glass.

    Not all glass is created equally. Automotive glass looks like all other windows but, it is actually safety glass that is tempered or laminated to protect passengers in the case of breakage. Some manufacturers cut corners and sell poorly constructed glass to save money. Who pays the price if this glass shatters? You and your passengers. Because we offer the best windshield service in Edmonton, we only use safe and properly constructed windshields – and we know the difference between good and bad glass.

best windshield service in Edmonton

A car in our shop with broken passenger door glass

  • We have a temperature controlled shop.

    Door-to-door (which is often a scam, by the way) or parking-lot repair technicians are fighting a losing battle against the elements. How can you get the best windshield repair service in Edmonton if natural UV light causes the resin to harden before the crack or chip is filled? And despite what others may tell you, a new windshield cannot be exposed to the elements, or the road, right after an install. For your safety, we work in temperature controlled conditions, and give the products time to properly set. Your vehicle is not road worthy if tape is holding the glass in. We ensure the urethane is set before you drive off. 



Don’t Settle for Less Than the Best!

Rock chips, long windshield cracks and replacements are no fun. When you go to Crackmasters Edmonton West End, it’s like a spa for your car. Take some time to relax for you as you get the best windshield service in Edmonton. We have FREE WiFi and NEtflix in our lobby. Take some time to go for a walk or have a friend pick you up. ?It is a short Taxi ride or Uber ride to West Edmonton Mall. Check us out today online at and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as @yegwindshield. To see why Google reviews rates us among the best windshield repair shops in Edmonton.