How to Temporarily Stop a Windshield Crack

You should never leave a windshield crack or chip unattended. The longer you ignore the problem, the greater the chance it will continue to progress across your windshield. There are times, however, when you just can’t get to your local windshield crack and repair specialist right away. When that happens, do the following to temporarily stop a windshield crack from getting worse.  


  • Decide if it’s safe to drive: First and foremost, if the crack is across your line of vision, you shouldn’t drive the car. A crack like this poses a danger to you and others on the road, and you can get a ticket if you get caught by a peace officer. Take a cab or public transit if your windshield is seriously compromised and you can’t get it fixed right away.



  • Apply clear tape: While some people advocate for putting nail polish or even superglue in the crack, remember – applying anything to stop a windshield crack must be a temporary solution. If you fill it with glue, your technician may have a much harder time creating a lasting repair. In a pinch, and in dry weather, a clear piece of removable tape may get you through the day without the crack spreading further.



  • Park in a garage: If it’s chilly and you have the option, park in a garage. Avoid blasting hot air or turning on the full AC. Sudden temperature changes can make the crack worse.


It doesn’t take long for a trained technician to stop a windshield crack. While you can temporarily halt a crack or chip, don’t procrastinate on getting it properly filled by an experienced technician in a temperature controlled shop. Waiting too long, or doing an improper temporary measure, can lead to more damage.