The Slippery Truth About Freezing Rain

What is Freezing Rain?

Edmontonians are used to dealing with snow and cold. We’ve been known to causally drive to work in weather that brings entire other cities to a standstill. While we can easily plough through snowfall and tackle those slushy roads, there is one weather event that makes us cringe: freezing rain.

Freezing rain happens when rain, snow, sleet or hail falls through a warmer upper atmosphere and melts, but then falls through cold conditions closer to the earth and hits ground while being super-cool – and not in a good way. This “chilled out” precipitation instantly bonds as ice on cold surfaces, including roads, sidewalks and vehicles. The result is a super slick surface that is dangerous for driving and walking.

Your Icy Windshield   

The best way to stay safe during periods of freezing rain is to stay off the roads, but that is not always possible. If you must drive, make sure to properly defrost your icy windshield first. You need maximum visibility before you head out on a slippery road.

We install and repair windshields and other automobile glass all year

Your icy windshield must not be defrosted with buckets of hot water, and don’t blast the heat on it either. Doing that can quickly crack your auto glass. Instead, turn up the heaters inside the vehicle slowly, and make sure you have winter-appropriate fluid in place to keep your windshield clear as you drive home.

And it goes without saying – drive slowly and carefully!

We’re Here and We Care

Sliding off the road, collisions, propelled chunks of ice or gravel, stress-fractured auto glass – during the winter there are many ways to damage your icy windshield. Crackmasters (Edmonton West End) is here to help. We repair chips, cracks, dings, and also do full replacements.

Stay safe out there, and if your icy windshield needs a repair, come to the place that cares about your auto glass and your safety.

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