Can a Bird Break my Windshield?

Can a bird break your windshield? Yes! Not only can you be stunned while driving to suddenly have a
bird hit your car, bird poop may also damage the glass! As if the mess of bird poop on auto glass wasn’t
enough, now you must worry about bio-projectiles too. What’s going on? Are the birds turning against

Is it Common for a Bird to Break a Windshield?

Relax! Although birds breaking or damaging a windshield can happen, it’s not common enough for you
to stress over. Birds have an excellent sense of spatial awareness; when they hit your car it’s because
something has thrown them off their normal senses, not because they are gunning for you. Most major
commuter routes are loud and chaotic enough to keep birds away from flying too low as well.

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Bird on windshield

But What About that Bird Poop?

When bird poop damages auto glass, it’s also a rare phenomenon. According to Wired, it probably
shouldn’t happen at all, but car owners left shaking their heads when a chip occurs under a messy plop
beg to differ. Some car experts chalk the avian projectiles up to small pebbles in the excrement (some
birds eat pebbles to aid digestion), or the pellet being frozen due to being excreted from a great height
on a cold winter’s day. Thankfully though, chances are you’ll only have something to wash off, not to fix,
when bird poop hits your auto glass.

What to do When a Bird Messes with Your Windshield

If it’s just bird poop, make sure you wash it off as quickly as possible. It’s very sticky and the longer it
stays, the harder it is to remove. Your line of vision should be clear at all times, so find a gas station and
clean up. If a bird breaks your windshield, come down to Crackmasters (Edmonton West End). We’ve
seen windshield damage from all kinds of strange objects, and we have the certified technicians to
handle any auto glass issue that comes our way.

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