Hello, are you looking for a quality windshield or great glass installed in a warm secure shop? Let us take care of your vehicle and Auto Glass Needs. We are a family-owned and operated shop that will take great care of your car, truck, or SUV. Budget glass is not recommended in Edmonton. If you are driving in Alberta then choose quality glass and you will be better protected.

Quality windshields installed at Crackmasters 105 Ave Edmonton include 90 days of FREE rock/stone chip repairs. After those 90 days, you will get a discount on your windshield repairs (including long windshield crack repairs). Remember if Crackmasters Auto Glass cannot fix it then, nobody can…


Not all glass is the same. There are different qualities of windshields. A budget windshield will pit, chip, and crack with less force. A budget windshield chips will repair but not as well, cracks in budget windshields cannot be repaired. Choose a quality windshield at Crackmasters and we will warranty it with FREE rock/stone chip repairs for 90 days at our shop.

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