Not All Glass is Equal; quality glass is stronger and more repairable. With icy, snowy roads rock chips add grip. Rocks fall off vehicles and are transported from construction sites and side roads. Debris can strike your glass in any season. Extreme temperatures can result in more damage. On a cold Edmonton night with the heat on or a hot Alberta day with conditioning full blast an object striking the windshield at high velocity, the right angle, with a spin and you glass is damaged…. Hitting pothole or a speed bump can cause it to grow… Quality glass withstands these insults better. Budget glass damages easier and is more difficult to repair.

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Not All Glass is Equal – choose a quality windshield

Not All Glass is Equal; let yegWindshield (our Social Media name) install quality glass and FYI it includes 90 days of unlimited FREE rock chip repair. We do the windshield repair in out clean shop. A windshield chip repair takes about 20 minutes.  If you need a long windshield crack we can do those too they take about 30-45 minutes depending on the length. Call (780)488-2255 for a free estimate and arrange a time. Windshield repair do not need to be scheduled but calling ahead is advised.


Not All Glass is Equal; choose quality glass installed with care and you will protect your passengers better and your glass should last longer. Often the difference in price is less than a tank of gas and only adds $0.10 to $1.00 per week to the life of the windshield.


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