At Crackmasters 105 Ave in Edmonton we want you to get a quality windshield. Saving a few dollars on a budget windshield is a waste of time… Often for less than a half tank of gas you can get a much better windshield. It takes the same time to install a budget windshield as a quality one. Installing a cheap windshield just means you need to do it again sooner. Auto glass that pits, chips and cracks easy is a also safety hazard. A quality windshield protects your passengers, is less distracting to the driver and your vehicle will look better too.

Getting auto glass installed at a shop that is all about volume and speed should be a concern too. A low quality windshield installed without care often also damages the car body too. I often see a lot of rust and damage to the car and can see that it was done quickly. We will take care of you and your truck, car or SUV. If you love your car let us look after it.

choose a quality windshield

Don’t be “That Guy” choose a quality windshield

We want to be the best Edmonton Windshield shop. We will do the job properly with care and attention. We will use proper procedures and with a quality windshield you get 90 days FREE windshield chip repair (unlimited free chip repair for 90 days). Crackmasters can repair long windshield cracks too. So, Crackmasters will install and/or repair your autoglass at our West Edmonton location.

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