Did you know that some vehicles can have Eleven windshield options? To start a lookup on the windshield we will start with the Year, Make (manufacturer), Model, and Body Style (Coupe, Sedan, Crew Cab, SUV, etc.). Sometimes we need to know the roof type; is there a sunroof or panoramic roof.

   After we look up the vehicle we then need to know what options you have:

     Does your vehicle have a Rain Sensor? Often they are round about the size of a Loonie/Toonie (but some are square). Often the Rain Sensor is difficult to see (as it is black and in the black frit or paint on the windshield.

     Does your vehicle have a Lane Detection Camera? Cameras for Lane Detection, Forward Braking, and/or Active Cruise control… Each vehicle manufacturer has ‘their name’ for LDWS 

(Lane Departure Warning System)

     Does your vehicle have a Heated Windshield? Heat lines can be black-on-black or on the underside of the glass and hard to see. It is a common option for cars imported into or built in Canada.

     Does your vehicle have Heads up Display? 

     Does your vehicle have a Condensation or Humidity Sensor? 

     Does your vehicle have GPS? 

     Does your vehicle have an Electochromatic (self-dimming) rearview mirror? 

Do you want logos? Do you want shading across the top? Do you want an acoustic glass (glass with sound-absorbing qualities).

  We ask questions because your vehicle may not be a simple windshield. Your windshield is engineered and tested with quality glass do not settle for budget glass. I know glass in Alberta chips and cracks but getting cheap budget glass is not the answer. Would you buy cheap breaks in BC? Would you get budget Air-conditioning in Arizona?  Buy Quality glass and have it installed with care. Cheap glass installed fast with short-cut processes is not recommended.

  At Crackmasters AutoGlass in West Edmonton will install quality glass, with the proper procedures and products. Choose Quality and you will get great service and 90-days of free rock chip repairs.

Choose a quality windshield in Edmonton