All the Reasons Why You Need to Remove Snow From Your Windshield

Late last year a driver in Ontario was slapped with a very well deserved $110 fine for driving with a snow-covered windshield. In addition to the covered windshield, the other windows were mostly covered as well. The driver had simply cleared small peepholes for his view.

We should not have to mention why this is so dangerous, but since a fine exists for driving with an obstructed windshield, we know there are too many drivers doing this dangerous stunt.

Remove Snow From Your Vehicle

Here is why you should ALWAYS avoid driving with an obstructed windshield

  1. You could die: This is obvious. If you can’t see where you are going, your accident risk goes up dramatically.
  1. You could kill someone: In addition to dying needlessly, you could end an innocent life due to your negligence.
  1. You can create an ice projectile: It’s not as cool as it sounds. Compacted snow subjected to sudden temperature drops (like a fast moving car in the cold winter…) can compress the snow into ice. That ice can dislodge and go through the windshield of another car, or hit an innocent bystander.
  1. It’s the law: It’s literally the law. Check out the Traffic Safety Act, Page 53, Division 5.

Cracked windshields count as obstructed

If your windshield has cracks, spider webs, impacts, chips, or anything that obstructs your vision, you must get it fixed. Visit Crackmasters (Edmonton West End) for fast, efficient, affordable windshield repair.

Be Smart – don’t drive with an obstructed view.

Don’t mock the Darwin Awards “winners” if you, in your haste, have ever just scraped a little hole in the snow and ice on your windshield and figured the rest would clear as your drove. Driving with an obstructive view is a stupid decision at best, and a deadly one far too often.

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