Strange Windshield Hazards

Edmonton drivers are familiar with rocks that gravel that chip their auto glass, but what other windshield hazards do drivers have to watch out for?

Car Parts: Cars are designed with safety in mind, but sometimes things come loose and airborne. Tires, mufflers, even sunroofs and bumpers have been known to detach in traffic and hit unsuspecting cars. Always be aware of your surroundings while driving and if you are near a vehicle that appears to have a loose part, pull ahead or fall back.

Cargo: Be careful when passing or following a vehicle carrying a load. It can be hard to secure bulky cargo, and the motion of the car and easily shift loose loads. Pickup trucks with yard sale goods, gravel trucks with insufficient tarping, and delivery trucks have all been known to see their loads fall out and become projectiles for other cars.

Pets: Taking Rover for a spin the back of your pickup seems like a good idea, but more than one poor puppy has been startled by a loud noise and decided to jump. This, of course, is a terrible decision when in traffic. Not only is the dog in peril, an ill-timed jump in moving traffic can spell doom for your windshield and trauma for anyone that witnesses the accident.

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Windshield Damage

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