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Edmonton Auto Glass Repair

Our Repairs are Stronger than the Competitions!

Others “repair” auto glass by attempting to stop cracks from spreading or filling cracks with resin that simply isn't strong enough to hold in an accident; both techniques can put you at risk.

Repairing damaged auto glass can save you money, but if the repair doesn't keep you safe it’s not worth it.

Our patented technology makes a Crackmaster auto glass repair the strongest part of your windshield! Crackmasters can repair auto glass damage ranging from chips to long cracks up to 20 inches in length.

Edmonton Windshield Replacement

Lifetime Warranty and Free Rock Chip Repairs!*

If we can’t fix it, nobody can! But some auto glass damage can’t be safely repaired. Fortunately, the quality of our auto glass replacement is unmatched.

Unlike other auto glass repair and replacement companies, our certified technicians use the full-cut method to remove the old adhesive, ensuring the strongest bond and the best seal on the replacement windshield. Plus, we use only high-quality, OE replacement auto glass – low-quality auto glass can pose the same risks as an improper repair – and we still offer industry-leading prices and value.

*90-day free rock chip repair with all installs and lifetime warranty on glass defects and faulty install.
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We are Here to Help

Your vehicle's side door glass is less susceptible to rock chips and cracks than your windshield, but unfortunately, when side door glass is damaged, repair isn't usually an option.

Fortunately, Crackmasters Southwest specializes in all kinds of auto glass replacement, including: window and side door glass replacement, windshield replacement, side mirror glass replacemen, rear window glass replacement and quarter glass replacement.

Ready to get started? Contact us today for a quote!

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Edmonton Windshield

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Does my vehicle have Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) or a Rain Sensor?

Rain Sensors and LDWS are often difficult to see from inside. LDWS will look like an upside-down fan/triangle. A Rain Sensor will look like dark clear glass in the black frit in the black paint by the rear view mirror .

A Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) looks like and […]

March 27th, 2019|Edmonton windshield repair|

Edmonton Windshield repair helps support Meals on Wheels subsidy program.

Did you know when we repair your vehicle’s windshield YOU help Meals on Wheels meal subsidy program? Yes, not only do you get the best Edmonton windshield repair you also help others in Edmonton.

Another way Crackmasters […]

March 26th, 2019|Edmonton windshield repair|

The Three Types of Windshield Glass

There are different types of windshield glass available in Edmonton, and they are not all created equally.

You’ve got a severely cracked or broken windshield. What should you do now? There are three different types of windshield glass in Edmonton. Today we will discuss which one is best for your vehicle.

Type 1: […]

Do I Really Need a Professional to do my Windshield Repair?

My Windshield is Chipped or Cracked. Do I Really Need a Professional to Repair it?

Let’s face it. The majority of people who experience a cracked windshield in Edmonton aren’t really into spending extra money at the moment. The first thought is to stop by one of those cheap fix-it guys in the parking lot of […]

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June 6th, 2016|Portfolio|

Classic car windshield Installed

In May we installed a windshield in a 1965 Galaxie 500. A lot more work than a newer vehicle. It is quite amazing how much safer a new windshield is for people in a vehicle. Safety aside it looked much better than the old cracked and pitted glass. We would like to work on making […]

We care, and take care installing your windshields at Crackmasters Edmonton West end

Crackmasters Edmonton West end New Windshield in a 2004 Lexus SC 430 at Crackmasters Edmonton West end

Corvette at Crackmasters Edmonton West end

See clearly with a new windshield from Crackmasters Edmonton West end!

Tired of windshield chips/cracks and pits?
See clearly this summer with a new windshield from Crackmasters Edmonton West end!
We are here for you and your friends. Tell them about us and we will look after their auto glass needs.

Crackmasters Edmonton West end
Windshield Repair and Replacement Specialists
17544 105 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB, Canada, T5S 1G4
Phone: +1(780)488-2255

Quality Auto Glass

OE windshields; Our automotive replacement glass is manufactured with the same process controls, tooling and quality inspections that we use for original equipment (OE) parts. As a result, our replacement laminated and tempered parts (i.e. windshields, door, side and back glass…)

Fit the same as original equipment
Looks like original equipment
Meet the same safety standards as original […]

We take care

At Crackmasters Edmonton west – We take care

As a small business we will treat your vehicle like our own and take good care of it. We do not operate on a high volume speed business plan. We take care of your vehicle and make sure it leaves better, cleaner and safer than it arrives. By […]