What a View! Tesla Model X’s Massive Windshield

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a windshield like you see in sci-fi vehicles? Those huge open views as you speed down the road? Well, the future is now! Tesla Model X is here, and it boasts a windshield that rivals anything seen before in a vehicle of this kind.

Not only is the Tesla Model X the fastest SUV on the road right now, it boasts also boasts the largest panoramic windshield in production. Drivers and passengers see the road and the sky, making road trips an even more exciting proposition. The trick to achieving such a view is to stretch the windshield over part of the roof. Solar tinting helps with the sun’s glare. With 31 square feet of glass, this is a windshield that is hard to beat.

Before you rush out to buy a Model X, however, there is a small drawback. As one Model X owner learned, the impressive glass can chip and crack like any other windshield – and when it does, the cost to replace it is a real investment: more than 2K before tax. If the dealership offers windshield insurance on your new Model X, it may be a good idea to take it!

Most of us will never get to enjoy the panoramic views of the Model X, but we can all enjoy the view of a clean, chip and crack free windshield. For your best and safest drive on the Edmonton roads, visit Crackmasters (Edmonton West End) for all your auto glass needs.