The First Snow of the Season

Historically, Edmonton’s first snow equates to hundreds of drivers having accidents – and some those
collisions are very serious. Even though snow in Edmonton is a common occurrence and should come as
no surprise, the first snowfall always seems to catch drivers off guard.

Crackmasters (Edmonton West End) cares about your safety, so we’ve put together these tips.

  • Give Yourself Extra Time when you see Snow in Edmonton
    It’s tempting to lie in bed on a snowy day, but that leads to rushing on the slippery roads. Hitting snooze
    one more time just isn’t worth it. When you see snow in Edmonton, leave for work early. If you arrive early then, enjoy a warm coffee or tea or take have some ‘ME’ time.

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  • Clear Your Windshield Properly
    The last thing you want to do on a cold winter morning is stand outside scraping your windshield, but
    you should never rely on your heaters to do the job as you drive. Compromising your visibility when
    there is snow in Edmonton is dangerous for you and other drivers. Additionally, using heat to clear your
    cold windshield can crack your auto glass.
  • Read Road Reports
    Before you head out on your commute, check sites like Alberta 511 road report to see if your route is clear or
    covered in snow, and check Google Maps with the traffic overlay on to see if accidents will delay your
  • Stay Safe Out There!
    Don’t let snow in Edmonton get you down. Take care out there and arrive alive at your destination.
    Crackmasters (Edmonton West End) puts your safety first. For the Best Edmonton windshield repair, visit us today.

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