Three Windshield Items You Shouldn’t Buy on-Line

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Ah on line shopping…. Thanks to low cost retail behemoths with millions of products from all over the world, every day can feel like Christmas. Having an endless choice of goods, however, can work against you. Just because you can buy something off on line suppiers, doesn’t mean you should! For example:

  1. DIY windshield crack and chip repair kits: These are cheap and with Prime, you can get free and fast shipping! What a deal, right? Wrong. Fixing a windshield crack or chip takes training as well as an optimal, temperature-controlled environment for the resin to properly set. Crackmasters 105 Ave (Edmonton West End) can fix that crack or chip faster than the time it takes you to place your online order and wait for shipping. We’ve got the tools, training, shop and everything you need for a lasting repair.


  1. Spray-on de-foggers and de-icers: Not all products are created equally – and not all products are rated for Edmonton’s wild temperate changes. Buy your de-foggers and de-icers from a reputable location where a trained technician can show you how to use them properly, and only stocks items that will not cloud or damage your auto glass.
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  1. Professional windshield removal kit: No. Just, no. While such a kit does exist, removing your own windshield is dangerous. Please leave this to the professionals, especially since your new windshield needs to be installed properly in an environment where it can cure and set safely.


You don’t save time or money when you attempt to do a job that is best left to the professionals. Crackmasters (Edmonton West End) is here for your windshield crack and chip repair needs, and provides you with affordable, fast, and high-quality service. Get a quote for your Edmonton Windshield install today


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