Long Crack Repair and 3 Month Chip Warranties

It’s like a shotgun blast when it happens. Your windshield chip has become a long crack… and now nobody will fix it… Except for Crackmasters. Crackmasters is the only place in Canada capable of repairing long cracks. If we can’t fix it, nobody can.

Have a new windshield installed at Crackmasters and we’ll fix every chip you collect for 90 days. 3 month chip warranties and long crack repair. Two reasons for you to come to Crackmasters Edmonton West end

17544 105 Ave NW Edmonton AB T5S 1G4

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click this link to get an Edmonton Windshield repair/replacement quote, Crackmasters uses OEM Windshields 
Crackmasters Windshield [Auto Glass] West end Edmonton 
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