What is a Stress Fracture?

There are many different things that could send you to Crackmasters for an Edmonton windshield repair, but one of the most puzzling is a stress fracture. Today we will learn what a windshield stress fracture is, and how you can help prevent one.

A stress fracture occurs when your windshield cracks, but you don’t see anything hitting, denting or chipping the glass. Unlike rock chips and other impacts, a stress fracture simply splits the layers of glass, causing long cracks seemingly out of nowhere.

These windshield cracks are mainly caused by sudden temperature changes. It’s quite common to create the need for an Edmonton windshield repair in the winter when we blast the heat to warm up our frozen cars. However, quickly defrosting your car is not the only way to get a stress fracture. Blasting air conditioning on a hot day, or leaving your car in the sun and then driving somewhere cool (like a parkade) can also lead to stress fractures.

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To avoid stress fractures, warm and cool your car up gradually. Never use hot water to defrost your windshield and park in the shade on sunny days.

If you do get a stress fracture, go to Crackmasters (Edmonton West End) right away for your Edmonton windshield repair. We fix long and short cracks, and do windshield replacements, headlight refurbishing and other services that help you stay safer on the road. Get a Edmonton Windshield quote today.

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