Windshield Cracks in Edmonton: The Long and Short of It

So, you got some windshield cracks in Edmonton. It happens, especially this time of year. In addition to the traffic on the Yellowhead and Whitemud that can easily fling a rock that chips your glass, we now have sanders and graders on the road. They keep us safer by taking care of the ice, but they also leave loose debris that is the enemy of Edmonton windshield auto glass! Add in stress fractures due to rapid heating and cooling of your car as you defrost and head out into the cold. You can count yourself lucky if you avoid windshield cracks in Edmonton during the winter.

The long and short of it is this: during the cold season, a short crack or a chip can turn into a long windshield crack – and that means a big problem!

A rock chip or short auto glass crack needs to be cleaned and sealed right away. For all the reasons mentioned above, leaving it and hoping for the best means risking the short crack turning into a long windshield crack. We want to be the best Edmonton windshield repair shop please come in and see why.

Let’s say you procrastinated and the short crack is now a long windshield crack. The good folks at Crackmasters (Edmonton west end) can still help you out. Long Windshield cracks are one of our specialties – If we can’t fix it nobody can.

Edmonton Windshield repair

Windshield Cracks in Edmonton

Now let’s say that long windshield crack keeps spreading and touches two ends of your windshield. Now it’s impossible to get a repair to hold. Once the long crack spreads to a second edge, you need a windshield replacement. Crackmasters 105 Ave Edmonton can repair long windshield cracks that are up to 15 inches, I have done longer but after 15 it is getting a bit too long.

Windshield cracks in Edmonton are common year round, but they grow more in the cold weather. Remember, Crackmasters (Edmonton west end) repairs rock chips and long windshield cracks, so get the service you need before that crack turns into a replacement job.

Crackmasters can replace auto glass too so, If you need a new windshield in Edmonton come see us. We do glass quote on-line: Edmonton Windshield