Windshield Glass on your dashboard is bad

If you have Windshield Glass on your dashboard then, come get it replaced as soon as possible. Windshield glass has two layers with a laminate sandwiched between. When the outer layer breaks it can be repaired – if it is not too severe. The inner lay cannot be repaired. If the inside is broken the integrity of the glass is compromised and replacement in necessary. Often when the inside is damaged so is the outside layer so, replacement should be done as soon as possible.

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Windshield Glass on you dashboard is bad

Diver often tell me they are waiting until the roads are cleared. In my experience the roads are never clear and damage can occur in any season. Often summer is a time that I see the biggest damage… vehicles are in work sites, camping or on gravel roads. the rocks are transported and dropped on pavement. On paved roads cars are traveling faster and a flying stone hitting a warm windshield with an air-conditioned vehicle the glass breaks with ease… At Crackmasters we give you 90 days of FREE (unlimited) chip repair with a quality windshield so, every season is a good season for seeing clearly.


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