Your vehicle’s crumple zones and airbags are designed to protect you in an accident, but did you know your windshield is too? Unlike your side windows, which are made of tempered glass, your windshield is made from laminated glass. Laminated glass will crack but not shatter or splinter. Laminated glass has strength too, it is engineered to support your vehicles roof and keep the airbags inside your passenger area. If your windshield is cracked your airbags may go through your windshield and not protect you.

How Your Windshield Protects You  

Laminated glass is made by inserting polyvinyl butyral, or PVB, between two layers of glass. This insertion helps to prevent projectiles from leaving the vehicle, or entering the vehicle during an accident. This is why it is more common to see a spider webbed windshield in an accident, or if it is hit by a rock, than to see a windshield that is smashed through.

That being said, in order for your windshield to protect you, it has to be made and installed properly. Companies that source windshields from overseas are not always getting a product made for our climate and road conditions. Having poorly manufactured glass in your car is dangerous. Crackmasters (Edmonton West End) only installs windshield that are made in North America and are durable enough for Edmonton’s driving conditions. We also alert you if we are fixing your windshield crack or chip and notice problems with your existing installation or product.

Have your Windshield Installed by Professionals

Installing a windshield properly is a job for professionals. You are not saving any money – and you are risking your life and the life of your passengers – if you try to do it yourself. For maximum safety for windshield installation in Edmonton, you need:

  1. A windshield manufactured to North American standards
  2. The proper covering of heaters and vents to prevent debris from falling through
  3. An installation team that adheres to safety standards
  4. A check of the rubber gasket – it needs to be replaced if damaged
  5. A temperature controlled shop so the installation sets and cures property


At Crackmasters 105 Ave (Edmonton West End), your safety is our first concern. When you need a windshield installation in Edmonton, make us your first choice.