The Cold Hard Truth About Your Windshield During the Polar Vortex

Welcome to the Polar Vortex. If you are just joining us in Edmonton, the Polar Vortex is an unwelcome weather phenomenon in which our normally cold winter turns into a bone chilling affair.

Many of us have to park outside at work, and many Edmontonians do not have garages. This means dashing outside and cranking the heat in the car, then frantically scraping the frost and ice so you can get to work on time.

Stop! You already know that applying heat directly to a cold windshield is a bad idea – in a Polar Vortex, it’s an even worse idea.

Protect your windshield in Edmonton

Auto glass is not static. It expands and contracts depending on the temperature. In this cold weather, the glass is very contracted. A sudden blast of heat or a firm tap with a scraping brush can easily crack your windshield. If you have unresolved cracks, chips, or spiderwebs/stars in your windshield, now is the also the time that they most easily spread. A little heat or pressure is all it takes.

Plan to warm up your car gradually. Give yourself extra time to slowly warm the car and defrost the windshield.

The Polar Vortex is bad enough without having to suddenly replace your windshield due to a long crack that impairs your vision, or a complete shatter if you tried to defrost with hot water (never defrost with hot water under any circumstances**). Come to Crackmasters (Edmonton West End) today and get those chips and cracks fixed so you can get through the Polar Vortex a little easier.

**The linked video shows you exactly why you should not defrost with hot water but also contains NSFW and NSFChildren language! For the rest of us, it’s pretty funny though.

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