In Edmonton the weather can get cold. Moisture in a windshield chip or a crack can freeze and expand – turning a small annoyance into a replacement. A cracked windshield that has not been repaired by Crackmasters resins has lost its strength and integrity. Get us to repair it so, you know that it is done properly.


Alberta roads are rough on the windshield.  Potholes, frost heaves and hard snow or ice can shake you vehicle and cause it to twist and turn in ways that put too much stress on the glass.  A small crack can grow very fast.  Don’t delay and get Crackmasters to repair it asap.


For windshield repairs $1 will be donated to Edmonton’s Meals on Wheels if you choose Crackmasters West end. We donate time and money to support them please help us help those in need.


Repairs are first-come-first-serve, I suggest you call before you come so we can assess the line/wait time. the Shop number is (780)488-2255.


We are open Monday-Friday 8-5 and Saturday 9-1 (rock chip repairs are ~20 min windshield crack repairs are 20-40 min). A replacement takes about two hours. It take an hour to remove the old glass then, we properly prepare the vehicles pinch well. The new windshield is installed and the urethane will take an hour to properly set and harden. We do not let you drive away until it is safe. your car or truck will not leave with tape holding the windshield in place.


Crackmasters will repair your windshield in a warm clean shop. We will look after you and ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive.