One time a friend asked how far I was going.  I told him “Well, I’ll drive 2 1/2 hours West then, turn South for another hour”.

He laughed and said “only in Canada do you describe a drive’s distance in time…”.

You know I think that is how NASA measures space travel too.  Honestly most people do not care how far it is they just mat to know; when will we get there?  The Highways are good (OK that is another topic) and a lot for people they just get on the road then, set the Cruise Control and just get to where they are going.

This Country is Huge!  My cousin from England was coming here and announced that she would Fly to Toronto and take the but to Edmonton.  “Whoa, are you serious that is crazy”

When we picked her up at the station she knew what we were talking about… 24 plus hours on the bus was too long and really most was at night so, she did not ‘see’ too much of this great country.

In Canada we love our car or truck.  We measure distance in hours and we think that is OK.  Terrace BC is over 1306 KM and so, is Winnipeg MB 1313 Km but in time Terrace is 16:14 hours vs Winnipeg 15:19.  So, it may seem odd but, time is how we measure distance on the prairies in Canada.

Edmonton Time Travel

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