With a nice warm vehicle and cold weather outside; your windshield is stressed. A small rock or road debris impact can grow quickly along stress lines. Try to reduce the stress on you windscreen by directing the heat to your feet. Once the humidity and frost is off then we suggest you turn the air flow to your feet.

Aquapel can keep your glass cleaner and allow it to dry off quicker. A clean dry windshield will have a more even temperature and less stress. With fewer stress gradients your windshield is more resilient to stone damage.

Quality windshields have fewer stress lines and more consistent glass construction. The Quality glass is stronger, thicker, and harder. Stronger and Thicker are obviously better and more resilient to impacts. The harder glass will pit less easily and will not be damaged by subsequent impacts. While having glass that is too hard may crack easier quality glass will pit a bit but, not as much as budget glass. Choose quality glass for the engineered strength that manufacturers test their vehicle for. Budget glass is made to fit but not to last. Budget glass is manufactured with a replacement in mind. Quality glass may crack but it is repairable if caught in a sufficient amount of time. Long windshield cracks in Budget glass are not repairable no matter the length.

Let Crackmasters repair your windshield this winter so it will last you longer. Chips and long windshield cracks can be repaired while you wait in our lobby. If a replacement is needed we can schedule your vehicle. We will do it with care and attention. We are not a high volume fast shop. We want to do it correctly and take the proper care and procedures. Don’t let Alberta’s winter wreak havoc on your vehicle’s windshield. Get those rock/stone chips and long windshield cracks fixed before they spread. An Edmonton windshield can be fixed or replaced so your vehicle looks great again.

Crackmasters can fix your Edmonton Windshield

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