Wondering what caused that crack or chip in your windshield? There are several possibilities. There is nothing worse than driving along, minding your own business and then seeing an Edmonton windshield crack appear – or worse, splinter off from an impact point – on your glass. Sometimes the source of the crack or chip is obvious. Other times it seems to come out of nowhere.

Here are three things that lead to a cracked or chipped Edmonton windshield.


  • Stress fractures


The edge of the windshield is the weakest point. Cracks that originate from the outer edges of the windshield are typically stress fractures.  These are more common when a windshield has been improperly installed, replaced or repaired. Crackmasters 105 Ave (Edmonton West End) knows about this stress zone, and takes great care to expertly install your windshield, and to properly fix cracks emerging from this area.


  • Temperature Changes


One of the most common causes of a windshield crack in Edmonton is due to northern Alberta’s temperature fluctuations.  A tiny, barely-noticeable chip can quickly turn into a trailing crack when the temperature drops. Blasting hot air onto the windshield as you warm up your car during the winter can also cause windshield chips to crack and spread. Air conditioning in the summer can also cause a temperature gradient that can add stress to your glass and cause a chip to suddenly grow. 


  • Stones and Debris


Rocks, gravel and other road debris are always a concern for windshields. An impact from a rock shows a deep cavity in the centre, with splintering taking place around the impact site. Most people blame winter roads for chips but I see a lot in the summer months… Edmonton windshield repair is a year round is a year round need in Alberta, that is why we give 90 days FREE rock chip repair with a new quality windshield install.

Edmonton Windshield crack repair

Edmonton Windshield repair

Never ignore a cracked windshield in Edmonton. A simple chip or crack can quickly turn into a much larger problem. Crackmasters can repair long windshield cracks – up to 20 inches.

Crackmasters 105 Ave (Edmonton West End) will assess the type of damage to your windshield, and give you an affordable, professional repair. At our shop you can book an appointment, or enjoy our first-come-first serve availability. There is a comfortable place for you to relax as we repair your windshield in a temperature-controlled environment. All work is guaranteed.

You may not know where that crack or chip in your windshield came from, but you know who to call to fix it! Crackmasters (Edmonton West End).


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