Does your vehicle’s windshield have features or options attached? Some windshields have no features, not even a rearview mirror button. Most modern windshields have a feature or many. Some features are a little more obvious – such as Heads up Display; where the speed and other information are projected onto the windscreen. Some features are never used or are well hidden. If you do not use the built-in GPS you may be unaware that you have this option. In the picture below there is a cover over the GPS and the driver never used it so, they were unaware that it was installed. Replacing the windshield with the incorrect windshield can cause issues.

If the replacement windshield does not have the features it can lead to issues. Your vehicle can be looking for it and when it is not found it can turn on the check-engine-light. If you know that the check-engine-light is on for the missing feature then, you may be okay – until there is another issue and the light is activated =by a more serious issue….

At Crackmasters we want you to get a quality windshield with all the proper features. A common feature that manufacturers add to Canadian vehicles is a heated windshield. Often the heated and non-heated windshield is interchangeable and other than losing the heat option there is no issue. On the new Ford F150’s a heated windshield has Lane Departure Warning System and a rain sensor. The non-heated glass with a RS and LDWS are in different locations than the heated windshield and will not work as an interchange.

It is often difficult to know exactly what you have and we may need to get your VIN. Your Vehicle Identification Number will tell the features but is not fail-safe. Often we will ask you for a photo of your windshield showing us the area around your rearview mirror – from the outside. Most features are clustered/attached around the upper center on the windshield and can be seen from the outside. Features such as the LDWS and RS are somewhat easy to identify.. others are not.

many windshields have features attached near the rearview mirror area

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