My Windshield is Chipped or Cracked. Do I Really Need a Professional to Repair it?

Let’s face it. The majority of people who experience a cracked windshield in Edmonton aren’t really into spending extra money at the moment. The first thought is to stop by one of those cheap fix-it guys in the parking lot of your local grocery store, or to pick up a windshield repair DIY kit from big box retailer – but are you actually saving money if you do?

The DIY Windshield Repair Solution: Pros and Cons

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Chipped windshield

First, let’s take a look at DIY kits. The main pro is that you are going to save money on both the product and the labour. The downside is that you are going to create more problems than you solve.

It is very hard for the untrained eye to locate and remove bubbles from the resin after it is applied. Leaving bubbles in the windshield crack repair completely negates the point. You haven’t repaired anything, you’ve only created a weak spot in an already damaged area.

The biggest reason for avoiding DIY windshield repair kits, however, is your insurance company. Check your policy. Do you have glass coverage? If so, doing your own repairs can completely void the coverage. Even if it’s just a small chip or crack that isn’t worth making a claim, if you make the area worse or if a crack splinters off your repair, it is very unlikely your insurance is going to cover the costs. Crackmasters using industry leading Resins that restore the integrity of your windshield. We repair your windshield not just make it look better.

The Parking Lot Guy Solution: Pros and Cons

Okay, so you are going to avoid the hassle of a DIY kit in favour of having someone with training do the job for you. That’s great. Having the repair done in a parking lot as you shop is cheap and convenient… and that sums up all the pros.

One of the biggest cons about this solution is our famous Alberta weather. We have snow/cold, rain, sun/heat, sleet and hail – and that’s just a typical afternoon. Lasting windshield chip or crack repairs in Edmonton need to be performed under controlled conditions. The technician must take the temperature of the windshield and resin into account, and the environment must be warm and dry enough for the resin to cure properly. Natural UV light can also cause the resin to harden before the crack or chip is filled. Crackmasters will ensure the damage is filled then, harden the resin ensuring a proper bond to the glass.


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Need another reason to avoid the parking lot guy? The Automotive Glass Technician is fully supervised and often it is the owner with years of experience that is repairing the windshield, Not the most junior intern or newest person in the shop.. A two-day course held in a hotel meeting room that promises to get you ready to open your own repair business in less than week is also available. If you go to the parking lot guy for a windshield fix in Edmonton, guess which type of repair technician you are going to get?

Ignoring the Problem: Pros and Cons

So you realize the importance of getting a professional to repair your cracked windshield in Edmonton, but you just don’t have the time to get the windshield repair done. The pro is that you are getting so much more done in your busy life (Netflix isn’t going to watch itself). The con is, you can get an expensive ticket. If you have a crack or chip in your windshield that is in excess of 12 mm in an area that impairs your vision, it’s an offense that can get you a ticket, or get your car pulled off the road. Ignoring the problem is a costly way to save money.

Getting the Job Done Right: Priceless

Getting a crack or chip in your windshield repair in Edmonton is inconvenient, and yes, it does cost money for a fix. Save money, time and the possibility of a ticket by visiting Crackmasters 105 Edmonton. We operate on a first-come-first serve basis but advise you to call ahead if possible (780)488-2255 We have a comfortable, UV light and temperature-controlled shop where you can relax as the experienced technicians expertly repair your windshield. The work is guaranteed and the customer service has earned us a 4.7/5 rating on Google from more than 50 satisfied customers. It doesn’t pay to cut corners when it comes to getting your windshield’s cracks and chips repaired. Come on in to save time and money. We look forward to helping you stay safe on the road.

Crackmasters 105 Ave Edmonton does auto glass replacements and installs too. We offer a 90 day FREE rock chip windshield repair warranty with all quality windshields that we install. Request a quote online today Crackmasters 105 Edmonton quote request