Caring for Your Auto Glass in the Spring and Summer

Numerous warnings exist about windshield care in the winter. The cold season is when your windshield is more likely to crack, right?  Not necessarily! Windshield care during the warmer months is important too. Edmonton roads get rocks and debris for work sites, side roads and  campgrounds. Hot days, air-conditioning and stones cause major damage in summer. At Crackmasters we give you 90 days of free rock chip repair with a new quality windshield. 

  1. Switch Out Your Windshield Washer Fluid

During the winter, you use an ice-melting solution; don’t forget to switch your washer fluid in the spring. Spring and summer formulas are designed to quickly remove the carnage of bugs you get on your auto glass during the warmer months. If you like clean glass then Summer wiper fluid and Aquapel are a great combination. Aquapel repels water and liquids – Summer wiper fluid helps when the bugs are flying in Edmonton. 

Edmonton Windshield

Temperature in Edmonton is a windshield factor

  1. Temperature Still Matters

Your windshield car routine in the winter meant being extra careful not to blast hot air in the car to avoid quickly heating up the glass, which leads to cracks. Edmonton still has some chilly and frosty mornings in the early spring. Use a scraper to remove the frost, not high heat, and keep warming up the car slowly to ensure the integrity of the glass.

  1. Chip and Crack Repair

Spring is a great time to repair any cracks or chips your windshield got over the winter. As the summer sun beats down, your windshield glass will expand slightly, and this can make those small cracks and chips turn into much bigger repairs. We repair you glass inside – UV light cures windshield repair resins so doing it inside ensures a proper fill and bond. Repairs outside may not fill or the bonding may start too early. We have a clean UV controlled repair process to ensure the best repair for your windshield.a 

  1. Watch out for Rocks

Spring is when a lot of grit is on the roads from winter sanding and blading. Side roads are often a little soft, making it easy for big trucks to kick up loose gravel. Be wary of flying rocks and stay back from rigs to prevent chips in your windshield.

With our four beautiful seasons, windshield care in Edmonton is a year-round commitment. Crackmasters (Edmonton West End) makes it easy and convenient with expert crack and chip repair, affordable windshield replacements, and more.


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