So, glass is glass? Nope, have you ever dropped a cheep glass and it breaks but your nice scotch tumbler withstands some abuse? Have your ever tried to can with a cheep jar – or do you use a mason jar? Have you ever walked on a glass bridge? or leaned on a glass wall? Yeah, not all glass is the same…

Windshields are different too. One that meets the minimum safety and fit standards is different than the ones the manufactures engineer for the car. Insist on quality. Here is some information on the windshield you may have on your SUV.

Edmonton roads are tough on glass your should make sure you are tough back. Alberta can throw you some nasty changes don’t give in with a budget windshield. You like a good jacket so, you feel like you can win against Mother Nature so, why throw in the towel and have cheep glass. Be a winner. Insist on quality

What is AS1 on a windshield?

AS1 is the clearest glass (at least 70% light transmission), is laminated, and can be used anywhere in a motor vehicle (typically just the windshield)

What is solar tint on a windshield?

You may have infrared-reflective windshield glass on your vehicle if this is the case. You might be able to tell by the purple-ish haze that appears when viewed from outside the vehicle, but this solar glass is more than an anti-glare windshield. It keeps you interior new and keeps your vehicle cooler.

What is PVB on my windshield?

Polyvinyl butyral (or PVB) is a resin mostly used for applications that require strong binding, optical clarity, adhesion to many surfaces, toughness and flexibility. It is prepared from polyvinyl alcohol by reaction with butyraldehyde. The major application is laminated safety glass for automobile windshields.

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What is laminated windshield?

Laminated glass is strong enough to keep flying objects from penetrating a car’s windshield. Bryan Mulennix/Getty Images. Laminated glass is made by sandwiching a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between two pieces of glass.

What is an acoustic windshield?

An acoustic windshield consists of two or more sheets of glass that are bonded together with one or more acoustic interlayers. These interlayers wakens the sound (reduces noise entering the vehicle) as it travels through the glass as it acts as a noise-dampening core. Acoustic laminated glass benefits over normal laminated glass from all the safety and security properties.


Other Questions we may ask

Is your windshield Heated?

Do you have a Rain Sensor?

Do you have a Condensation n(Humidity) Sensor

Do you have Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)?

Do you have Forward Collision Alert?




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