Did you know that there are multiple windshields for many vehicles? in 2010 the Ford Transit Van Connect (you know the small minivan that, many companies in Edmonton us as delivery vans) it had one windshield. in 20 19 there are 10 options. There are windshields with Rain Sensors, Lane Departure Warning, Heated windshields. Ford offers options on the Connect that have GPS or even pain windshields or a combination such as heated, GPS, and a Rain Sensor… it is getting rarer a less common for a windshield to not have a feature attached.

A common feature on imported vehicles is to have heated wiper park areas – to have wires that heat the windshield where the wipers rest and/or up the drivers side to melt ice and snow that the wipers move. in the 1970′ the most common option was tinting along the top 5 or 6 inches. in the eighties the main option was a rain sensor that controlled the speed and on/off of the windshield wipers. While this option in not to desirable in Edmonton it is in Vancouver or Southern Ontario – where rain and wet snow is more common. The larger populations dictate supply and demand in the rest of Canada…

If we ask “what features does your car have?” It is because we need to know. Ordering the wrong windshield is not an easy thing to resolve. As vehicles need more options Glass Warehouses need to store more types. In 2010 a vehicle that took one windshield was easy to the warehouse and have available. In 2020 a vehicle that takes Ten or 11 may not have the rarer options available. I have looked up some that there were none in North America. One Lexus E-Series had no stock for the one I needed. I have had to get glass delivered from California…

A 2015 Jeep Cherokee has 15 different windshield options


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