Yes, your vehicle’s windshield can be damaged by wildlife.  I have had trucks and cars in the shop after hitting birds or wildlife (even a Moose).  Birds often nest under bridges or rest in the grass beside the road in Alberta.  One customer hit a moose in BC.


Sometimes the result is a crack in the windshield that we can repair.  If you hit a moose then, replacement is required.  We can install your glass in about two hours.  It takes us about an hour to remove the old glass then clean the surface and prepare it for the new windshield. Once we install the replacement windscreen then, it needs to sit and cure for and hour.  We will not send you off site until the glass is safe. you will not leave Crackmasters with tape holding your windshield in.


At Crackmasters Edmonton West end we also apply FREE Aquapel.  It is a glass treatment that keeps your windshield clean. When water hits your glass it will bead up and just roll off.  At speeds above 50 KM you will feel like you’re driving at warp speed the water will just roll off and you will not need to use your wipers as much. Wet snow will clean off easier too.  In the summer months cleaning bugs off will be a not faster and require less work.  You will love your FREE Aquapel and it lasts 6-9 months!


Crackmaster West is located in the light industrial area just 15 blocks north of West Edmonton Mall. We are close too.  our Address is 17544 105 Ave. We are in the Greenbay building and our entrance is at 176 Street on 105 Ave.


there are a few places to go for a coffee, lunch or breakfast.  Tim Hortons is about 5 blocks, Pat & Mike’s is four and there is Fife n’ Deckle, Harveys and Naks Bistro too. If you choose to wait in our lobby we have free WiFi and Netflix too.


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Wildlife can cause windshield damage